Want to Expand Your Brand on Instagram? Stick to These Top 7 Marketing Tips!

There's only one thing in social media marketing that can be harder than getting used to a new scale ‒ and it's getting to this new scale. So, you want to take your business profile to the top ‒ let's see how you can do it on Instagram.

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Apart from that, there are some free methods that actually work but need more time and effort to show the best results.

Our tips on successfully expanding your brand on Instagram

Without further ado, let's dive in.

  1. Free Instagram tools. What's good about creating a business profile ‒ there's a powerful set of tools coming with this option. You can complete your profile with "contact" and "location" buttons, a link to your website, and a type of business you run to help people find you faster. Also, you get access to the Insights section where you can track the performance of your content, the traffic that goes to your website from your Instagram page, and much more.
  2. Cross-post your content. Instagram allows you to instantly share your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. It's convenient when you have accounts on multiple social media and want your news to be shared at the same time everywhere. Also, it's a great way to introduce your existing Instagram followers to your other pages ‒ post links on your Facebook or Twitter posts in your Stories and get that extra traffic.
  3. Don't overpost. It's all good when your posts are seen in the feed on a daily basis, but when people see you multiple times a day, it becomes inconvenient, to say the least. So what you want to do here is to create a posting schedule that won't make people feel uncomfortable with seeing your posts every few hours. Spoiler alert: there's no stable frequency that works for everyone ‒ you'll have to figure it out on your own.
  4. Engage with your followers. If people comment under your posts, don't leave it unnoticed ‒ thank them and like their comment or reply with more meaningful sentences. Also, try using a few caption tricks that will bring you even more engagement ‒ you can ask your followers to tag their friends if they like the post, and use other techniques that work in a similar way.
  5. Create your branded hashtag. It's a great method to reach an even wider audience: create a hashtag that includes your brand's name, and dedicate it to an event you're hosting, your special project, or a series of posts(for example, for user-generated content). After that, ask followers to share that hashtag with their content, reviews, and anything else you'll come up with.
  6. Steal like an artist. If you see a good idea on other relevant accounts ‒ repurpose it. You can even take someone's content and make news out of it ‒ just don't forget to credit the original author in the caption. There are a lot of free programs and apps that allow downloading content right from Instagram feed, so this one will be a really easy way to find new ideas for your content.
  7. Be creative. Create pictures that will literally attract people to open the post and take a closer look. Unleash your creativity ‒ you can use Canva or other image editors to create captivating pictures or edit your photos in a fun way.

These seven tips might be repeating something you already know, but hey ‒ it's only a sign that it's definitely worth trying again. Good luck with your Insta growth, and don't forget: success comes only to those who work for it.

2022-01-03 19:37:04
Taylor Brooks


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