How to Respond to Instagram Comments: The Best Ways to Respond to Instagram Comments and Increase Your Followers

Comments are probably the most important engagement activity you can get. Whenever someone comments on your post, even if it’s a simple emoji or one word, the algorithm notices it and suggests your post to a wider audience. 

Besides the algorithm, the comments section is a perfect place to communicate with your customers: thank them, solve their problems, and generally improve the way people percept your brand.

Learning to communicate with your followers and passersby is a skill you just need to develop in order to remain a good online reputation or even improve it.

What kind of comments can you possibly get?

There are several types of comments every profile gets. As a business, you might receive:

  • spam;
  • emojis or single word replies;
  • compliments and similar positive lines;
  • reviews or feedback;
  • negative comments;
  • questions.

Looking at this list, you might think that it’s really easy to determine how to work with all these reactions. But in reality, one wrong word can crumble your PR strategy down. Each type of mention and comment needs a different approach. This article will help you find your voice for every reaction possible.

How to react to every type of comment?

Spam comments are the easiest to deal with. You can block them and the profile that sends the spam to you. Spam usually looks like generic shady offers from empty accounts that sometimes don’t even have a profile picture. They’re mostly called bots ‒ and that’s what they are. They’re programmed to send spam comments, so don’t hesitate when you see one ‒ block on sight and report the profile.

Emojis and simple phrases like “wow!” and “cool” are not something you’ll necessarily have to respond to, but if you feel like it, give it a go. Reply with nice emoji or “thank you” ‒ for this type of comment, it’s more than enough.

When a user leaves more constructive positive feedback ‒ probably even a review, try to reply immediately. Thank this person and write a proper response. Later on, you can use this reply as user-generated content ‒ this type of post and Story gets you more engagement and quickly builds a good online image for your brand.

And sometimes, you’ll get negative comments. Some of them will be constructive ‒ people tend to complain if they have a problem with your products or services. Some of them will be a pure rage. Don’t panic ‒ this ship is not going to sink that easily! Be the best version of yourself and answer politely (even if you don’t want to). Never be rude. Instead, ask a person what is the problem they’re experiencing. You can ask them to message you to find a solution or propose one directly in replies.

When working with the negative, your main goal should be to turn it into positive stuff instead. You can do it by proposing a solution to the problem or even a “forgive us” gift ‒ a discount or exclusive service.

The opposite works for direct hate speech. Do not interact with these people at all ‒ just report their accounts, especially if they’re extra mean or threatening. Engaging in a conversation in this case will only leave you with more negative, no matter how polite you’re trying to be. Anyway, always remember that your account is not private ‒ it’s a public business account and you have to behave accordingly. Do everything to retain a good online reputation.

In some cases, negative feedback really means it. It means you have some problem with your product or service, and you have to find a solution or improve the way you work. Growth through learning is always the best, so keep your mind clean and open. Be rational in your actions and don’t mix up constructive and polite criticism with pure hate.

Sometimes people will ask you questions in the comments section. Your strategy here should be directed to leaving a response as fast as possible ‒ every minute is important because usually, people ask questions in the process of deciding whether to buy from you or not. A short and direct response will save your and customer’s time, but if the question requires a long answer, your best shot will be to direct the user to the messages.

In conclusion, the comments section is a battlefield. You’ll easily become a winner if you’ll master the art of replying to comments. Don’t forget to check that section often enough to spot new replies, and remember that every comment boosts your engagement.

2022-10-18 15:00:19
Taylor Brooks


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