How To Get 1000 Free Followers On Instagram

Nearly every Instagram user wants a lot of followers, especially if we’re talking about aspiring influencers. The followers' number is crucial when you want to make the best first impression. Having a lot of followers is like a first sign that your account is trustworthy and your content is interesting. Unless you keep Instagram solely to share some of the pictures with your closest friends, you need a big audience. One thousand of them sounds like a great start, but there are many ways you can reach this number of people following you.

Of course, you can buy these 1000 followers straight away, but for some people testing the waters with free options is a better choice.

So, let’s see your best and free options to gain your first 1000 Instagram followers. Note that we won’t include any useful info featuring bots because it’s the fastest way to get your Insta account banned.

Getting 1000 Instagram followers for free

The first way is to gain these 1000 followers naturally ‒ by creating original content and playing along the Instagram algorithm, gathering more likes and attention. Eventually, you will reach these 1000 followers, but it’s not that fast.

Another option might be the use of Soc-Promotion free followers packages ‒ you’re allowed to add 10 new followers daily to your Insta account. If you manage a good content strategy, 50 new followers gained in five days can quickly evolve into 100, and then into 1000 new followers.

Also, you can use Instagram growth services trials ‒ basically, free followers gain for free just to get a taste of it. Soc-Promotion free packages work just like that. Also, the main benefit of ordering this kind of service from us is that we never use bots for your promotion ‒ we guarantee you organic-only growth without drawing suspicions from Instagram algorithms. We take Insta algorithms and community rules into consideration while delivering you new followers.

Tips to get 1000 Instagram followers faster

Of course, these three methods would be perfect if they wouldn’t take that much time. On the other hand, you could buy cheap bots and instantly gain the perfect number of followers. While this method worked pretty well a few years ago, these days are over ‒ bots won’t give you anything except a bad impression and even some restrictions from Instagram. Not to mention that these 1000 bots are just an additional weight on your account ‒ they don’t interact with your content, they don’t provide you with any views ‒ they’re basically useless.

We recommend you avoid purchasing bots even if they’re cheap. Yes, it’s a very fast way to gain followers, but it’s dangerous in terms of public image and Instagram rules ‒ you could even get banned for bots usage.

The second fast option is to buy 1000 followers from Soc-Promotion. We use advanced algorithms to make sure you’re getting followed only by real people ‒ this provides you with some engagement as well. Also, we make sure your actions don’t draw any suspicions from the service side, meaning that we won’t bulk-drop followers to avoid your account’s restriction. All you have to do to make this growth look as organic as possible is to regularly share relevant content and, well, just be active on Instagram.

The last, but definitely not least option is to buy an Insta account that already has 1000 or more followers. It’s a great offer, especially if you can check whether these followers are real or not. Don’t forget to ask about account stats before purchasing: a lot of offers like that can turn out to be a scam where people gain 1000 or more bots to the profile and then try to sell it with a price tag of a genuinely organic account.

One way or another, getting a thousand or even more new followers is not a big problem. It’s always your choice to decide what kind of quality you want these followers to be, but our opinion is still the same: purchasing fake followers like bots won’t get you far. Instead, you can give organic growth services a go and then purchase some more followers ‒ better choose a high quality and pay for it than get nothing for free.

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