How To Become Instagram Famous Fast and Free

With Instagram being the most influential and overall popular social media platform no wonder that many people seek popularity there. It's also a huge marketing platform where brands make serious deals and spend their marketing budgets on promoting their products through influencers.

The latter is the main reason why it is so cool to be famous on Instagram: the more followers you have, the more paid deals you can get from brands who want to collaborate with you. Also, being famous means you have enough influence to sell your own products or make money out of dropshipping. This platform gives you a lot of opportunities to become popular and monetize your time spent here.

Let's take a look at how you can become popular on Instagram and earn some money off your fame.

How to get famous on Instagram — foolproof methods

There's no single solution that will bring you instant fame. Multiple methods and techniques have different outcomes and work the best in combinations. Of course, every promotion takes some time and effort, so get ready to put some work into your popularity.

Find your passion

It's no rocket science that doing what you truly love will bring you well-deserved attention and admiration. Let your Instagram be a perfect showcase of your passion. If you're all about a healthy lifestyle, post your favorite fitness and nutrition tips, educate people, create fitness or food challenges. If your passion is traveling, post your favorite sights, wonderful facts about places you've been to, and share your experience. The key to success is simple: share your best ideas and stories.

Even if you don't have a particularly cool hobby, you can always post fun content, lifestyle photos, or share your views on some important things — honesty is the key here.

Use the right hashtags

The hashtags feature is a great marketing tool if you use it right. Find global and local hashtags relevant to your profile style, and add them to your posts. This way more people will be able to find you if they are looking for something particular — diet tips, travel advice, or other things your blog can provide.

Our best advice is to choose hashtags that are relevant but not too broad. For example, #latteartnyc works better than #latteart if you're in NYC — only people from New York will most likely search for related latte art ideas or inspiration. Using short and easily readable hashtags also gives your content more chances to be seen — #hairstylingtips totally wins over #thebesthairstylesfor2021.

And mind the quantity! Instagram allows you to put up to 30 hashtags into a single post, but that doesn't mean you have to use this exact number. Instead, try 4-5 the most effective and relatable hashtags.

Publish on a regular basis

Regular posting is a must-have to build a stable and loyal audience. Even if you have a certain amount of followers and perfectly crafted content, posting it once a few weeks won't give you the best results. 2-3 posts per week is a fine frequency depending on what kind of content you post. Sometimes it's even better to post something on a daily basis — a lot of starting influencers do this.

Interact with other influencers

This is great if you know other influencers in your niche who have way more followers than you. Turn on notifications for their posts and interact with their content right after it gets posted — this way you'll get noticed by their audience and receive more attention. Some of these followers might eventually become yours — it's a great way to grow your audience with people who like similar content.

Don't forget about these followers you already have — interacting with means getting feedback and a "closer to people" attitude, which serves great for your public image. Community matters and every social connection you build on Instagram will eventually get back to you.

Publish your profile on popular websites

Entertainment websites with viral content like Buzzfeed or Reddit allow users to post their original content. You can start with a short, but captivating article or story, and then promote your Instagram account among the lines.

With more viral posts like that, you can motivate your readers to follow you on Instagram for more similar content — it's a great way to build a loyal and engaged audience. Just make sure your content is attention-grabbing and entertaining enough to convince people to follow you for more.

Always use the call to action

Any interaction on Instagram is more of a conversation. Spark one with your posts: add a call to action in the caption. It can be a question, a thought-provoking phrase, or even some gamified strategy. Comments are a powerful engagement tool, and stimulating the audience to comment on your posts is actually a great way to build a more profound bond with these people.

Build your own style

Sprinkle your content with individuality. You're not a copy of someone else, and your blog shouldn't be that, too. Stick to the color palette you like the most, write your captions in the same quirky style, and make your blog about you. There's no other person in this world like you — use it to make your blog outstanding.

Post in the peak activity time

Posting time plays a huge role when it comes to growing your fame. People open Instagram mostly when they are off work — you can figure out when your general audience is the most active and schedule your posts accordingly. This way, your posts will get noticeably more attention and engagement.

Our general advice is to try posting either at 8 or 9 in the morning, when people are on their way to work or at 5-6 in the evening when they're heading back. Every age or social group has its own activity schedule, so it's best if you find the perfect time exclusively for your audience.

Remain relevant

Online and offline realities don't exist separately. This means your content has to be relevant in terms of what's going on in your area. Create holiday posts, post relevant and relatable information, and don't forget to use geotags with your local area — this is a great way for people to find your profile. Local influencers tend to grow their audience faster because people tend to trust people from their area more.

Keep your followers updated

Whenever something cool happens to you — post it. If you have a new great picture that can be a good change from your old profile photo, don't hesitate and put it on as your profile pic. Make sure that people who follow you see the real you and not the carefully crafted image. Be funny, be smart, be happy — share these emotions as well as important updates on what's going on in your life right now.

Create a plan for your content

Planning is a powerful marketing tool — this way you can set the path for your profile for a month ahead and create a perfect preview of what it's going to look like. It also helps to make sure your content sustains the same style — both visually and content-wise.

And yes, planning is important both when you're new to Instagram and when you're a famous public figure — this way you can prevent posting captions with spelling mistakes, or curate a well-thought marketing strategy through your posts.

Take baby steps

Getting famous is a big goal — it takes a lot of time to plan it and reach it. Don't expect everything to happen in a span of a few days. This is unrealistic and might get you upset. Instead, focus on small goals like getting 100 new followers, reaching a 50 posts milestone or creating your first successful ad campaign. When you work towards these small goals, you'll focus on real achievements instead of your expectations. And once you look back on the path you've already completed, you'll notice just how great your growth is.

Don't give haters what they want

Haters are everywhere and for everyone — that's a sad reality. But their ugly words are nothing more than their own insecurities spilled into hate speech. Instead of opposing them, try to ignore them. All they need from you is some kind of sick pleasure of making you angry — don't give it to them and just ignore it. The more popular you get, the more haters you have, but once you choose to ignore them, life becomes so much easier.

Work with small brands

Small brands are great for building your business credibility up. Reach out to them and try to make a deal for collaboration. Micro brands have a quite loyal niche audience that can be added to your followers' number.

Brand collaborations are what makes your Instagram income, so don't hesitate to seek new opportunities with new brands — they might need you just as much as you need them.

Things you might want to avoid

Some mistakes are always waiting somewhere for you to make them. Avoid them at all costs!

  • don't make your page private — otherwise, people won't find you, follow you or share your posts with their friends;
  • don't follow random accounts too fast or like posts too fast — this might get your account banned or muted;
  • don't ignore your followers — answer their comments;
  • don't post too on the nose promo content. This looks unnatural, and people can actually unfollow you if you do it too often.

In conclusion, becoming popular on Instagram is a long but spectacular journey. Depending on how eager you are to build impressive online fame, your road to popularity can take from a month (big hype, fast slide down) to a year (slow but steady). Our best advice is to focus on what you are passionate about and dedicate your Instagram page to that. Being honest with yourself and your audience is always a win-win scenario that makes people love your content and trust you as an influencer.

2021-11-12 18:42:51
Taylor Brooks


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