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TikTok is probably the best place to promote your content, advertise your products, and get a voice for your creativity. Influencers and brands on this social media platform get tons of attention ‒ some of them have even more than they do on other social media platforms. The secret of their success? Video content gets more attention and engagement, and TikTok is a primary source of video content with its short catchy clips these days. Millions of people scroll their feeds every day ‒ every video has a chance to get viral.

The algorithm of this social media platform is probably the best thing about it: everyone gets to see videos created specifically for them, like on a request. This way, every creator reaches their target audience and gets their deserved attention.

But what about celebrities? Their videos are just-there, they look effortless, and still, they get millions of views! How do they even manage to remain popular? Well, here is the secret no one on TikTok will tell you: big influencers buy extra views and other activity packages to remain popular and promote their content to more people. You can do it, too!

This is our biggest package ‒ a whole one million views! Where to spend them? Just post your videos really, really regularly, and this amount will be spread among your videos to make sure all of your latest content gets a significant boost of activity.

How can buying 1000000 TikTok views benefit your account?

The algorithm holds the key to all the TikTok promotion secrets. The algorithm notices all the activity on your profile, promoting your videos if they constantly get a lot of views. One million views is a serious package ‒ this one will increase the activity on your TikTok account, not only triggering the algorithm to take your videos to a wider audience, but also boosting the signal to make your account look even bigger!

The main advantages of getting 1000000 real TikTok views are:

  1. Better visibility. With this huge amount of extra views, your videos will get to nearly everyone's "for you" page and might even reach recommendations page! This way, more people will know about you and trust you.
  2. Better credibility. Big numbers create a better trust ‒ having millions and thousands of views will make people trust your profile more when it comes to decisions like following you or buying your products.
  3. A better engagement. When you get more views, you also inevitably get more reactions. People will like and comment under your videos, even stitch and duet your content ‒ this is a huge boost of engagement that will take your TikTok account even higher.

Purchasing a package of TikTok views from "Soc-Promotion" will help you retain your promotion achievements, especially if combined with an organic growth strategy.

How to get 1000000 TikTok views with "Soc-Promotion"?

Getting 1000000 real TikTok views with "Soc-Promotion" is totally safe. We won't send the number of views this big on the instant ‒ instead, we make sure your growth will look as organic as it can get. Unlike cheap services, we also never use bots, delivering views from real profiles only, with actual usernames and real people behind them. "Soc-Promotion" also guarantees you a full refund in case this package is not delivered at our fault.

Purchasing 1000000 real views is pretty fast with "Soc-Promotion" ‒ won't take you longer than a few minutes:

  1. Choose your package. This package is our biggest, so we want you to take your time and consider how this number of new views correlates with your business goals and promotion strategy stage.
  2. Enter the URL of the TikTok account you would like to promote. No passwords are needed ‒ we need only the URL to deliver our services.
  3. Enter your e-mail address. We promise not to clutter your inbox. Your e-mail address is required purely to update you on your order delivery.
  4. Complete the payment ‒ the instant we receive it, you'll start getting your views for your videos.

And just like that, you get a million real views for your TikTok profile. Don't worry ‒ we make sure a growth this big looks as unsuspicious as possible. We spread views among your latest videos and drop them in small portions over the time to make sure your growth looks as organic as possible. With "Soc-Promotion", you get views from real people only and not from cheap bots ‒ we value the quality.