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TikTok can easily be considered the biggest social media platform these days. And if we're talking about video content, TikTok is the biggest rival of YouTube, especially considering that people these days tend to watch shorter videos instead of focusing on longer ones.

TikTok is also notorious for being an influencer-heavy platform. There are influencers for every demographics, every niche ‒ all thanks to the smart algorithm. The platform still grows, but content oversaturation might feel like there's already no place to grow your own account big. The trick is ‒ you still can. TikTok will find an audience for everyone, even in the smallest niches.

Followers are the main sign of popularity in this case. A big community means you create original videos and set trends. The main difference from Instagram is noticeable ‒ on TikTok people follow someone only if they've seen the content from a certain account a lot.

500 new followers will help you grow your TikTok profile.

How can 500 new TikTok followers benefit your account?

Five hundred followers is a great place to start. If you have a public account with a few videos, you can boost a new wave of activity for your profile. When the algorithm sees your spike in followers number, it starts to promote your videos again, to make sure they get even more attention.

Having a lot of followers on TikTok has two main benefits both for influencers and for brands:

  1. Better credibility. Big numbers attract attention and build trust. If you have 10 videos with an average of 10K likes and only 50 followers, it will look suspicious even if you didn't buy these likes. Having more followers in this case indicated that a lot of people already liked your content enough to follow you.
  2. A better engagement. As it was previously stated, the algorithm prefers to promote content from bigger accounts more actively than from smaller ones. Having more than 500 followers will give you times more likes, views, and comments.

Basically, followers number indicated how interesting and relevant is your content. Make sure you have a perfect online image by buying 500 TikTok followers with "Soc-Promotion".

How to get 500 TikTok followers with "Soc-Promotion"?

With "Soc-Promotion", your TikTok popularity is in the safe hands. We do everything to make sure you get high-quality services at affordable prices. We don't use bots and we also make sure big amounts of followers come in portions so it won't look suspicious to moderators of this social media platform. "Soc-Promotion" also guarantees you a full refund if you don't receive the number of followers you've ordered from us.

Get your new 500 TikTok followers the fastest way possible:

  1. Choose the package. 500 followers is a golden middle for medium accounts that regularly post videos. This way, you'll attract more attention to your content and find even more fans.
  2. Type the URL of the TikTok account you wish to promote. No password needed ‒ we are good to go with having only a URL.
  3. Type your e-mail address where we will drop the latest updates on your orders. We will use this e-mail solely for the purpose of providing you with our services.
  4. Complete the payment. Once we receive it, we immediately dispatch a package of your new followers.

"Soc-Promotion" is a safe and affordable way to grow your TikTok account. We provide you with a naturally-looking promotion that will bring your profile credibility and better social proof. Safety plays a big part here ‒ we don't share your e-mail with third parties and use it ourselves only to provide you with our services. We also don't ask for passwords or personal information ‒ stay safe and anonymous with us.

Try it out now and buy 500 TikTok followers to get a massive boost of popularity for your TikTok page!