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TikTok has millions of active users on a daily basis. People use it worldwide ‒ any generation, any location, any occupation, and interests ‒ this is truly a social media platform for everyone. A never-ending "for you" page provides users with relevant content catered exclusively to their interests. This social media platform is also popular for trending videos that get popular on other platforms ‒ their creators usually become popular, too, receiving a lot of opportunities for paid collaborations with brands.

Followers are probably the most important metric for every TikTok account. The more followers you have is the better. Unlike with Instagram, when people follow you on TikTok, they are already your fans, meaning they've seen your content and immediately liked it.

Every account on TikTok wants to grow big and have thousands of followers ‒ and even the biggest accounts started out really small. This is why purchasing 100 new followers is a great option to start your TikTok growth.

How can 100 new TikTok followers benefit your account?

Followers make your videos visible. The more followers your account has, the more actively the algorithm will push it to other users' "for you" pages and the more chances your videos have to get to the recommendations page. Followers create engagement, but it doesn't end here.

Having more fans on TikTok provides you with these benefits regardless of your status ‒ you can be either a brand or an influencer.

  1. Better visibility. When the algorithm checks your video, it also notices how many followers you have ‒ if you have a lot of them your video will be seen by significantly more people. And the more views you have after that, the better engagement you have ‒ you might even get new fans for free as a result of this purchase.
  2. A better engagement. If your video sparks emotions, it will totally get likes and comments. If you have a lot of followers, people will tend to engage with your content more.
  3. Better credibility. More followers always mean better social proof ‒ especially on TikTok where people follow accounts only if they checked out the rest of the content and decided to see it more often in their feed.

Growing your audience is important if you want your videos to get viral. If you're an influencer, the size of your audience determines your income and collaboration opportunities. If you're a brand, every new fan can become a customer, so growing your audience is as important as creating trendy videos.

How to get 100 TikTok followers with "Soc-Promotion"?

We make sure you get a safe and effective promotion for your TikTok account. Our high-quality services come with affordable prices ‒ unlike with the cheap ones, we take responsibility for the quality and make sure you get real followers. You will get a full refund if you didn't receive the number of followers you've ordered.

Buying 100 TikTok followers with "Soc-Promotion" is easy and fast ‒ you won't spend more than 5 minutes of your time:

  1. Choose the package you need. A hundred is a nice number if you want to add some credibility to your account or if you want to boost activity under your videos.
  2. Enter the URL of your TikTok account or the account you want to promote. No password required ‒ we don't need it to provide you with new followers.
  3. Enter your e-mail address so we can update you on the order status. We will create a personal account on "Soc-Promotion" for you so you'll be able to track the performance.
  4. Complete the payment on the payment page. Once we receive it, we immediately start dropping followers for your account.

"Soc-Promotion" makes sure you get organic growth that looks natural and gives you a significant boost of engagement. We also keep your TikTok profile safe ‒ we don't ask for passwords, we don't share your TikTok URL and especially we don't share your e-mail address. You will remain anonymous while using our services.

Boost your TikTok popularity on TikTok with "Soc-Promotion: ‒ order this package now and enjoy the benefits of working with us!