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If you're familiar with how Instagram works, you probably know that there's no better social media platform to promote your business on. Even if you're an influencer, Instagram is the best place to find and grow your audience. After you become significantly popular, brands can come to you and offer paid partnerships — a great way to increase your income.

You can become really big on Instagram if you put some effort and strategical thinking into it.

Why should you choose Instagram?

As we've previously mentioned, Instagram is a perfect place to become popular. With more than two hundred million active users monthly, there's a place for everyone and everything. Besides, people are always thirsty for new ideas and new content — you can bring it to them and even earn from it. Other benefits include:

  • increasing your brand awareness by appearing regularly on users' feeds and the "Explore" tab — getting more attention for your content will eventually bring you there;
  • improving your online image. For many people brand's Instagram page is the main source of information about its products — crafting an appealing and active profile will get you a better reputation among your customers, both potential and existing;
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Also, having an Instagram profile adds you bonus credibility points — you can be closer to your customers and earn their trust by answering their most popular questions on your profile. People love it when brands share the vibe with them — it's the easiest way to earn their trust and create a truly loyal audience full of brand advocates.

How 10000 views on Instagram can promote your account?

Views are the metric that can be seen only to you and the Instagram algorithm. That means two things. First, you can see how much attention your profile gets without other users actually seeing it. And second, the algorithm uses this data to recommend your content to other users, which will, without doubt, result in gaining even more views and overall visibility.

When the algorithm sees that your posts are relevant and a lot of people tap to view them, it decides that these posts deserve even more attention. This is how your content eventually gets ranked higher up users' feeds and even gets to the "Explore" tab, where an even wider audience will see your posts. See, this is the domino effect that you can use as an advantage to your existing marketing strategy.

Create high-quality content, post it regularly, purchase a package of 10000 views from real people, and you'll see your profile skyrocketing with more attention in likes, followers, and even partnership offers. If you're an influencer, the latter matters the most for you — after gaining a loyal audience, you have a chance to recommend products from partner brands and profit from it.

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