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Buying likes is probably the fastest way to boost activity on your Instagram account and attract more traffic to your website from this platform. Of course, the quality of your content also matters, but likes are what creates the result. That's why you might want to buy more likes — it's also the fastest way to gain better results for your Instagram promotion.

50k likes is kinda a big deal, but you might really need exactly a number this big, if:

  • if you already have a stable base of followers but need an activity boost;
  • if you're a medium or big business looking for better brand awareness and a bigger audience;
  • if you have a stable activity and loyal audience on the platform but want more.

Some Instagram account categories are the best match for an amount like this.

For example, brands willing to experiment with new marketing strategies can buy 50k likes to see how the algorithm works or to prepare the account for even bigger activity. Also, accounts that have large audiences and a stable content style might need thousands of likes to finally become trendsetters and get to the top of their niche.

Even if you're big, your content can sometimes lack activity. This is when buying likes for your posts can help — boosting engagement the fast but still organically looking way will give you wonderful results. Keep in mind that for both big and small accounts combining free and paid techniques is the most effective way to grow an audience or activity.

What do you need to know?

We get it that 50000 likes is a big package and you need proof of the quality of the service. Our website contains real reviews from real people who were satisfied with our packages.

Please keep in mind that putting too many likes simultaneously will most likely end up in having your account muted or even banned. To prevent this, we distribute likes only from real people and at a realistic pace — this way you'll get that activity boost fast and safely.

We also don't store any kind of your personal data — no passwords or names are required to purchase a package from us. We only need your e-mail to create a personal profile so you can track your order delivery, and a username of the Instagram account you want to promote.