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When you decided you want more likes for your account, but don't know exactly how many of them you need, 500 is a good number that will provide you with noticeable results. Your business can achieve multiple benefits this way:

  • better brand awareness across social media;
  • more people will purchase your product;
  • you can increase the traffic to your website or online store;
  • you'll have more loyal followers.

All of this can be made possible with more likes.

How to get more likes on Instagram?

Likes are really important metrics when it comes to social media promotion. On Instagram, they are used both by users and the algorithm to decide whether the content is engaging or not.

Quality content is usually what makes likes count bigger. When you cater relevant posts to your followers, you get an immediate result — people like this content, comment, and repost it. Videos are found to be the more engaging type of content — try out posting more of them if you haven't already. Whatever type of content you choose, make sure it's of good quality — don't be shy to use a photo or video editor to put some nice filters or edit out any imperfections. Social media account works as a showcase of the best products and their best features.

Another quality that makes people follow your account and buy your products — relatability. When you post something your main audience digs, you grow your influence. This is great for further traffic redirection and sale rate increase. While remaining in your niche, try posting something that you know the best part of your audience will find relatable. It can be a post, an Instagram TV video, a video for Reels, or a set of engaging Stories. Find what feature of your product people love the most and highlight it — this will make more people buy your product and even recommend it to others.

Both these options work great together and can give wow-result if executed properly, but both of them also take a lot of time to notice the said result. This is why we recommend combining them with the fastest way to get more likes.

Purchase 500 likes

500 likes is a perfect amount to boost activity on your profile. View it as a little win for your business: you purchase that package once, and in a few days you'll notice how your followers' activity starts to grow. This is a simple, but highly effective solution for your business.

A little boost like this can make your profile more active, making it also look more trustworthy. Buying likes with "Soc-Promotion" is the fastest and the safest way to get more likes. Combined with organic growth techniques, it can make your social media account a few times more popular. We use likes only from real people to ensure you get a high-quality service. It's easy to try it out now: enter your e-mail and username in the order form, and then complete the payment. As soon as we receive it, you'll notice the steady growth in your likes count.

Our high-quality promotion services are affordable, highly effective, and safe — we ask neither your personal data nor any passwords. All we need from you to proceed to the payment page is an e-mail to create a personal profile where you can track your order delivery and a username of the account you're promoting with us.