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What makes an Instagram profile popular?

To answer that, we have to take into consideration a few things:

  • how good and reliable is the content posted there;
  • how big is the audience;
  • how much engagement does the said content attract.

Instagram popularity is not something easily achievable — to make it to the top, you have to put some effort into the promotion and hold the success for as long as you can. And that's where buying likes comes in handy. This metric is highly profitable when it comes to engagement and account visibility. The more people like your content, even the more people will see it.

20k likes are something you want to consider buying if you have an account with an already built audience no matter the size of it. This way your growth will look as organic as possible, especially if you post engaging content — like videos or any other kind of attractive posts.

2000 likes is also a perfect amount to keep your activity warm. The algorithm of this social media platform detects most likes posts and puts them on the top of your followers' feeds and even to the "Explore" section. This is how you can get a constant supply of activity and popularity even when your order on our website is already delivered.

Take your popularity to another level

Users of Instagram love a few simple things: attractive content, funny videos, and accounts they can trust. With the latter, it works just like in real life: we trust leaders — people who already have a reputation and some sort of credibility. If you have a lot of likes on Instagram and constant organic growth, you can easily get more attention and popularity.

This thing works perfectly with business profiles, where you can build your own social ecosystem out of scratch and easily direct new followers to your website, creating organic traffic. That's why we call these media social — every rule that works in society also works here.

How many likes is enough to make it big?

Great news — only you define how many likes you need to achieve success on this platform. We recommend buying the amount appropriate to the number of your followers. If you have little to no followers but thousands of likes, the algorithm will easily detect it and eventually ban or mute your profile.

20k likes are a perfect amount to skyrocket your online image and keep it steady. Works best with accounts that already have a stable audience and at least a few posts in the profile. With this number, you can easily make it to the top of the feed and even reach the "Explore" tab. The effect is prolonged, so you can enjoy the result while generating even more engaging content to keep the activity steady.

With "Soc-Promotion" your business grows fast and safely. We deliver likes only from real users and distribute them evenly to make it look less suspicious in the eyes of the algorithm. No personal data or registration are required — only your e-mail to check on the order status, and the username of the account you want to promote.