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panchito 2022-07-15 12:24
Order #3431464 from 2022-07-12 09:37:49

Excelente trabajo, me siento sastifecho. Muchas gracias.

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Buying likes usually comes with a set of questions about the safety, results, and conditions. And while yes, buying 2k Instagram likes to promote your account on this popular social media platform is highly effective, some questions still remain frequently asked.

Is it safe?

We don't know for sure about other services, but with "Soc-Promotion" it's always a safe procedure. First of all, we don't collect any passwords or personal data. We simply don't need it — all you have to share with us is your e-mail so we can send you updates on your order and create a personal profile on our website, and a username of the account you want to promote.

As for your account's safety, we deliver your likes the safest way possible, making sure this activity won't be marked as suspicious by the Instagram algorithm. However big is the package you choose, we distribute these like evenly among your posts, so this will look as natural as possible.

Do you provide likes from real people or from bots?

We prefer to use likes from real people because it's both safe for your Instagram account and effective in terms of organic growth. This kind of activity helps the algorithm recognize your profile as active and promote it further up your followers' feed.

Also, likes from real people mean other real people will trust your brand more — this way you can easily redirect traffic to your website or online store where more people can buy your product. Bots can't do that for obvious reasons.

When will the order be delivered?

Right after we receive your payment, we start distributing your package. However, 2k Instagram likes is a noticeable amount — bulk-dropping it to one single post will make it suspicious both for the platform and for your audience. This is why it takes up to 72 hours to finish your order — we want to promote your account the safest way possible, and you can't be popular when your account has already received a few bans from the platform.

To find answers to other popular questions we get asked, visit our FAQ page.