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Likes are important metrics on Instagram — this is how you measure and control your engagement to plan your marketing campaign accordingly. Posts that receive more likes get promoted to the top of the feed. As with any other social media platform, Instagram uses likes to track what's relevant to your followers. The most interacted with posts even get to get additionally promoted via the "Instagram Promotion" feature.

Buying likes is a great way to boost activity on your account. You might not even need a lot of them — the number of 150 can be just enough if:

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There are no strict rules in terms of who can buy more likes for their account. If you're an influencer, buying likes is a great way to show brands how engaged is your audience. If you're a brand, likes can promote your posts higher in your followers' feed, creating an even better engagement combined with better brand awareness.

Even if you run a simple personal Instagram account or brand-new profile, our service can help your posts look more appealing and trustworthy within a few days. This is a great opportunity to improve your digital image in any case.

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