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Account visibility on Instagram depends on the number of likes the content gets. It's simple math: the number of views gets multiplied with every hundred likes. This is why buying 10k Instagram likes is a great way to get your business to success in a fast way.

Getting more likes is your chance not only to improve the visibility of your business profile but also to direct more organic traffic to your website and even get a chance to attract thousands of new followers. This is possible due to two important factors: likes importance as a metric, and principles of the Instagram algorithm. The success of your business can totally depend on these two factors, and buying 10k likes is the fastest way to handle them.

Get to know the algorithm

The role of the algorithm is crucial — it's basically the main architecture of the whole platform. Algorithm can:

  • decide which posts get to the "Explore" tab;
  • range posts in users' feed;
  • detect suspicious activity and ban or mute these accounts;
  • advise which posts to promote, and many more other important features.

This is why you can't ignore the rules by which this platform plays. What you can do, though, is to master the game and gain success for your profile.

Yes, you can make a profit out of the algorithm — but only if you know the basics of its work. The most important thing you need to know: the algorithm detects posts that get more likes than usual and promotes them to the top of your followers' feed. If the stream of likes is persistent, the post has a high chance to end up on the "Explore" tab among other attention-winning content.

The easiest way to get a large number of likes? Buy them. It's something that even big accounts do, although not everyone is ready to admit it. You need not only to reach that peak of activity but also to maintain it on the same level, so 10000 likes might be something you want to consider buying.

Why is 10k likes a perfect amount to start?

If you want to reach your activity peak and stay there, distributing 10000 likes among your latest posts is the best option. This amount works best if your account is not entirely new, though — otherwise it might get suspicious.

But if you're aiming to build a better engagement and attract and organic traffic to your already existing profile, this is the best choice. This amount also works great for influencers who have a stable activity but want more. Brands that seek a larger audience can also purchase this package to attract new followers.

Buying likes with "Soc-Promotion" is easy and safe. We don't need your personal or sensitive data — only your e-mail and the username of the account getting promoted. We will start distributing your order right after we receive your payment. Don't worry about the quality of these likes — we make sure all likes we provide are from real Instagram users.

Of course, this package looks serious. If you meet any technical trouble on our side and don't receive the service as it should be, you are eligible for a refund — to read more on that, head to our FAQ section.