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If you run a small business account or have just created an Instagram profile for your brand, you'll need at least 500 followers to look credible enough for people to get invested in your content and products. It also works like a snowball: when you have this amount of followers, even more people start seeing your content — they might also follow you, like and comment on your posts, and even eventually convert to your loyal customers.

It's also a matter of your brand image: the minimum amount of 500 followers gives your profile credibility good enough to make people trust you. It's natural — you need a bigger social proof to attract a wider audience and get a better conversions rate.

How can buying 500 followers benefit your brand account?

It's best when you try free organic ways to grow your audience and then combine them with our packages. This is how you can attract even more followers for free and get more engagement for your content:

  1. Post regularly. This is obvious, but many people actually forget it when they forge their marketing strategies. Posting on a regular basis brings your content higher in people's feeds and might even get you to the "Explore" tab, where an even wider audience will be able to check out your posts.
  2. Publish relevant content. Make sure your photos and videos are of good quality and your captions are able to spark engagement. This way, whoever comes to visit your Instagram page will see that your profile is neat and provides actually good content that is worth someone's likes and follows.
  3. Stay engaged with your existing audience and motivate people to show their activity. You can do this by creating great captions, implementing gamifying techniques, and inducing discussions in your comments section. Attention is your best investment when it comes to promotion on social media.

Instagram is a huge social media platform, and to get big there you have to spend quite some time. Buying followers will speed this process up a bit.

The thing is: followers provide your profile with visibility. Whether you're an influencer or a brand seeking new customers, you need visibility to look trustworthy. It's your social proof — not that many people are ready to trust a business not recognized by anyone. And if you have at least a few hundred followers and a spark of activity here and there, other users will see you as an active and credible account.

Also, followers' count really matters when it comes down to activity. When the Instagram algorithm sees that people actively follow you, it starts to promote your content higher up other users' feeds. This is particularly why you need only real followers — this social media platform is all about anti-bot policies and can actually suspend your account if an instant bot activity is spotted. Don't worry — our followers are 100% real people and we wouldn't have it any other way.

And for social media as big as Instagram is, getting loud here is getting harder and harder with each passing day. That's why you might want to use a boost. With a carefully crafted and delivered marketing strategy combined with 500 followers bought on the Soc-Promotion website, you'll get noticed really fast. The algorithm will show your posts to even more users, your page will receive more visits, and eventually, you'll get much more than a few hundred followers — you'll get organic activity, a better reach, and even more opportunities to promote your product or services.

Five hundred new followers is a great way to skyrocket your Instagram promotion, so use this opportunity and buy them now on the Soc-Promotion website. We offer other activity packages for your business: likes, video views, and much more.

Get 500 followers safely and for a cheap price

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram doesn't really like bots. Fake accounts are something that can get your profile banned or suspended, so you might want to check twice whether you're buying follows from accounts with real people behind them.

Bots don't have profile pictures, readable usernames, or any content — they're a dead weight on your account as they don't give you any activity. When the algorithm finds them, it deletes these accounts, and your followers' count might reduce to smaller numbers.

Soc-Promotion takes great care of the quality of our services. The packages we provide include only real accounts that will follow you. These are real people that can check out your posts, like them, and engage in your activities if given the chance.

We also guarantee safe service: we don't ask for your IG password or any personal data. All we need to deliver your package is the username of the account you want to promote and your email so we can create a profile for you where you can track your order's delivery.

Your credit card information is also safe with us — we don't store it and we also use a secured third-party payment processing service.

Try it out now and if there's something wrong with the package on our side, we guarantee you a refund.