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As Instagram quickly became a number one social media platform, promoting a business here got more interesting and more difficult as well. With more than 200 million of active users monthly, getting visible on this platform requires some time and money investments.

Your business page on Instagram can become successful in a short period of time if you focus on the right things. The metrics are important, but there's one of them that's included in the first impression of your page — followers' count. When you have a big audience, people tend to trust you more, and increasing your followers' number always results in better conversions and profit for your business.

Starting a brand-new business page for a brand or influencer is always hard — you have to grow really quickly to make it big. A few thousand followers is a good place to start if you're planning on getting even bigger.

Why would you need 2000 new followers?

Let's take a look at what increasing your followers' count to the 2K can do for your business profile on Instagram:

  1. You'll get noticed. A lot, actually. Getting more followers always means attracting more attention from the algorithm. Instagram's algorithm sees that people are invested in following your account and promotes it to even more people, ranking your posts higher in the feed and even getting your content to the "Explore" tab in the app.
  2. You get better social proof. As we said earlier, people tend to trust you more if you have a bigger audience. Users of Instagram are actually good at spotting fake accounts, but that also means you need more followers to prove that you're trustworthy. Your brand image will be built upon these numbers, so the bigger is your audience on Instagram, the better.
  3. You receive more attention. Engagement is what drives content on this social media platform. When you get followed by real people, they can like and comment on your posts if they feel like it. These follows also almost instantly attract the algorithm's attention, promoting your content to other users that will actually like it and engage with it.
  4. You get an even bigger audience than expected. Like with the previous points, this kind of attention can be attracted not only to your posts but also to your profile. If it looks credible and gives a good first impression, more people will follow it and give your page an even bigger reach.

In conclusion, 2000 is a good place to start. The Soc-Promotion team makes sure the followers in our packages are real people that can provide you with actual organic growth.

How can you increase your followers' count?

We highly recommend combining buying followers with free growth techniques to make sure your social media marketing strategy will give you the best results.

Try posting original and high-quality content on a regular basis. Use good and unique shots and videos and supply them with engaging captures that will spark emotions and provoke a discussion. You really need to do it regularly to stay relevant to more people that can or already follow you.

Also, your profile has to look credible. And this time it's not only about followers' count — you have to fill your bio and set a relevant profile pic to make it look as real as it gets.

These small time-consuming things will be less time-consuming in a bigger perspective if you give our 2000 followers package a test drive.

Buy 2000 IG followers easy & safe

Unlike other services that provide cheap followers, we offer you affordable prices instead. The difference is simple: we know that the quality of our services completely matches the price. There are a few benefits of growing on Instagram with us:

  • no bots. We provide follows from real people only — the ones who visit their pages, have activity, can like other users' posts. Bots are not sufficient for providing a good and naturally-looking promotion, and they also look bad for your brand image. Not to mention that bot activity gets banned on Instagram and your account might get suspended if the algorithm notices an instant growth of follows from bots;
  • refund guarantee. If your package wasn't somehow delivered and it's our fault, we offer you a refund;
  • we don't require any sensitive information. To purchase a package, you only have to choose one, enter the username of the page you'd like to promote, and then enter your email address so you'll be able to track your order delivery. No passwords needed, no personal data required;
  • no extra fees. You pay what you see on the package card. We use a secured third-party payment processing service to keep your payment data safe and confidential.

Boost your Instagram growth now and create an investment of new followers now. With Soc-Promotion it's really easy — try it out now!