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Instagram is a massive social media platform: nearly 300 million of active users monthly spend their time there to view content, engage in some activities, share thoughts and even shop. With how rapidly this social media growth, entering the big game and (what's more important) staying there can become quite a challenge.

Ten thousand followers is a number that can be used for many purposes: to start growing a loyal audience, to grow visibility, or to improve a brand's online image. Whichever option you choose, 10K might sound like an overwhelming number, but in reality, it isn't this huge if your marketing goals are even bigger.

Is 10000 followers a really big number for your Instagram account?

To honestly answer this question, we have to look at followers' counts from different positions. To start with, 10000 is big if your account is only a few days old. You probably don't have any content here yet, and your brand isn't this big on the internet to instantly gain thousands of followers. If you have just created a brand page for a small business, 10K will be a good option only after a while — you might want to start with smaller amounts.

On the opposite, if your account already has a bit of an audience and regularly posts new content, ten thousand is a good amount to boost activity and get more people to see you and your posts. This kind of investment will bring you more popularity — this comes with new opportunities like collaborations with brands and sales growth.

Also, keep in mind that your followers' number should be appropriate to other activities on your profile. If you have thousands on your count but no likes or comments, this will look like a scam to any Instagram user. To prevent this, build your social proof and grow your audience as naturally as possible, making sure this number corresponds with activity on your page.

How to grow your audience to the 10000 followers milestone?

To ensure you get organic growth for your Instagram profile, include these points in your social media marketing checklist:

  1. Create relevant and relatable content. This creates a huge difference for your promotion, getting people actually invested in your profile. Post unique photos and videos, edit them to make them look better and in the same style, and add great captions. These captions can do a lot of things for your business: provoke a discussion in the comments section, motivate people to engage with the post, etc. It's a powerful marketing tool you'd want to use whether or not you'll buy more followers.
  2. Publish your posts on a regular basis. For some businesses "regular" means 3-4 times a week, and for some, it's no rarer than once a day. This really depends on the niche your business takes as some online shops tend to post multiple times a day in order to remain relevant in followers' feeds, while other brand accounts posts twice a week and get all the attention they need. Choose your appropriate amount and go with it — being present in the feed means your page is active and can be great to follow.
  3. Engage with your existing audience. Make sure you're open to people — it looks good for businesses in any niche when they're close to their audiences. It's also about the good first impression — when a person sees your page for the first time, they're more likely to follow you if you look like a business that cares about their customers, even potential ones.

Use these options to create a good-looking profile and add a better touch to it, buying a lot of followers. If you have good content and a bit of activity on your account, big amounts will look good and create a positive online reputation.

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Getting 10000 followers has never been this easy! Follow these easy steps to grow your audience really quick:

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  3. Enter the username of the Instagram page you want to promote (it can be yours or any other — we don't ask you to log in).
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The best thing about working with Soc-Promotion — we don't ask for any confidential data, and our prices are really low. We can't say cheap, because we also guarantee the quality, but the prices are highly affordable.

We provide you with 100% organic growth. Our no bots policy ensures that you get only high-quality packages that won't harm your profile and online reputation. Our packages consist only of real people behind real Instagram pages — with profile pictures, authentic usernames, and even a bit of content to make it look as natural as possible.

Besides, we'll never drop amounts this big instantly — this kind of activity quickly gets banned on Instagram. Instead, we make sure that delivery spreads new followers in time, making it looks as if real people were discovering your page and following it.