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What does it take to become popular on Instagram really fast? We'd say it requires a commitment and even some investments in your profile. Also, your online reputation on this social media platform will casually be judged by the number of followers you have. The bigger your audience is, the better. But if you're completely new there with a brand new business account, how can you increase your followers' number and become more popular?

Actually, you can go two ways, but our best advice is to combine them.

The first way takes a lot of time. You have to create a well-thought marketing strategy that includes regular posting, high-quality content, and a constant online presence. It might take a few months or even a year to build a stable audience this way, but nevertheless, this growth is organic and provides you with a good online image.

The other way is to buy 1000 followers. This amount is perfect if you want to both increase your visibility on Instagram and get more activity for your business page. This is a valuable investment in your brand: after buying a lot of followers, you'll get even more of them and a significant increase of activity on your profile.

Why you might need a thousand new followers?

As per our opinion, 1000 is a perfect number to start with. When other users see that you have more than a thousand followers, they trust you more. Let's break down all the benefits into one list:

  1. You'll get more visibility. It works like this: you get an increase in activity, e.g. people start following you. The Instagram algorithm notices it and, if the follows are from real people and not bots, will recommend your page to other users, making your profile visible to hundreds and thousands of new potential followers.
  2. You'll get more credibility. Let's face it: people trust numbers more than they trust words. That also means that your followers' number decides whether people will trust you and your services or leave your page thinking you're not trustworthy enough. This is particularly why you also need to provide a bit of other activity on your account: when you have more than 1000 followers but little to no likes or comments, people will immediately think you're lying to them. Invest some time in your profile activity and some money in your audience to make sure your business can grow naturally afterward.
  3. The domino effect here is really powerful. When your first followers arrive, you'll notice an instant change in your activity. Your content will be shown to more people, your profile will reach new potential customers and get you more activity, and then...Well, it all sums up and creates a big snowball effect where the more people you reach, the bigger potential your page has.
  4. Even if you run a business in a small niche, a bigger audience will quickly give you more customers. The algorithm works to make sure people see only the content relevant to them, so if you publish really good posts and trigger activity on your Instagram profile, the algorithm will recommend this content to people who might actually like it and become a part of your loyal audience.

The Soc-Promotion team is there to ensure you get the most out of your social media marketing experience. We offer you a safe, affordable, and time-proven way to increase your followers' count and make your profile bigger in every way possible — from the organic activity to a wider audience with loyal customers.

How to get new Instagram followers safely?

There's one thing that makes us different from other promotion services. We know how social media rules work and provide you with 100% safe ways to promote your account. Our followers in packages are real people that can like and comment on your posts if they like them. That means two things:

  • your account won't get suspended for suspicious activity — follows from real people is not something that falls in the "suspicious" category;
  • you have the chance to grow your audience even more in a safe, organic way — the domino effect works even with bought followers.

Also, we don't drop this kind of activity in big amounts instantly. Instead, we make a naturally-looking delivery that creates an impression of organic growth even for the Instagram algorithm. Unlike other websites that provide cheap followers, our services are safe for your brand image and your account activity.

Another benefit of working with us is the complete security of your personal information. We don't ask for your IG password or any of your personal data. All we need to deliver your package after the purchase is the username of the account you wish to promote and your email address so we can send you a receipt and update you on your order status.

No hidden fees, no sensitive data collection — we guarantee you a safe service.