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Instagram as a social media platform where you can promote your business already has more than 25 million active business accounts. That's impressive and, let's be honest, that's huge. But it doesn't mean you can't get big on Instagram among all those competitors.

All you need to promote your account to real success is organic growth. And organic growth needs exactly two things: a well-thought-through social media marketing strategy and a bit of an activity boost from "Soc-Promotion".

Our tips on your strategy are quite simple and nonetheless effective: use relevant-only hashtags, post regularly and stay active no matter what. And for buying activity, we advise you to try our Auto-Likes packages.

Auto-Likes are different from regular likes ‒ they drop for every new post you publish. Let's say, you buy 10K Auto-Likes ‒ this amount will be spread over your next few posts depending on how you will choose to distribute them. Be it a regular photo post, an IGTV, or Reels video (Instagram brings these two together these days), if you post it and it's in the feed ‒ it gets all the likes. 10K is actually a "golden middle" of these packages ‒ perfectly suitable for medium accounts while staying off the radar of Instagram's anti-bot algorithm.

What can 10000 Auto-Likes do for your Insta growth?

Likes might seem like an activity that's not relevant anymore. But when you think about it, likes give the biggest influence on your engagement rate. Depending on how much attention your post gets within an hour after it's published, the algorithm will choose how relevant it is and how many people should check it out.

Think of it like the domino effect:

  1. Your post gets a lot of likes in a few hours after it's published, and the Instagram algorithm sees it.
  2. When the algorithm sees no bot activity for that post, it decides to promote it to people who might find that content relevant.
  3. Your post gets ranked higher in the non-chronological feed in automatic mode, getting even more views, likes, and recognition for your Instagram page.

This way, you will get both brand awareness and a better engagement for your business profile. And while cheap services don't do it, we guarantee you that you won't get bots or dead accounts liking your posts ‒ only real people with real and active accounts. "Soc-Promotion" cares about the quality of services, providing you with real organic growth only.

How to get 10000 Auto-Likes for your Instagram with "Soc-Promotion"?

We guarantee you complete safety both for your account and your personal data. We don't ask for any passwords, names, and other types of information that scan services are usually trying to get. Our main goal is to deliver you high-quality services that will help you grow your online presence and increase your social media popularity.

Buying ten thousand automatic likes with "Soc-Promotion" can be done in a minute. The process is as simple as it can get:

  1. Choose the package you need. The bigger is your account, the bigger package we advise you to get ‒ the best option would be if the number of likes will imitate a logical increase in your activity without abrupt spikes.
  2. Enter the username of the Instagram page you want to promote ‒ it can be your page, or anyone else. We don't ask for passwords, so you don't have to log in.
  3. Enter your e-mail address ‒ we will use it exclusively to create a personal account on "Soc-Promotion" where you can track your order delivery.

We offer high-quality services at inexpensive and reasonable prices. Not too cheap, but not too expensive ‒ a perfect and affordable middle to satisfy your need in Insta activity without ruining your social media marketing budget.

Start now to experience an amazing boost in Instagram growth ‒ it's possible only with "Soc-Promotion" services!