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Getting free Instagram followers can be easy, no need to buy any additional services for that reason. “Free followers” means “free promoters”, and everyone loves free promotion. Let’s see how you can promote your Instagram account for free instead of paid promotion.

These services are real and free, you really can gain visibility and popularity for your business or personal brand without buying any service. It won’t cost you anything — only some time to perform these actions. Free Instagram promotion works, and we can convince you to try it.

Getting a free Instagram promotion is real

There some basic rules that every Insta guru knows to avoid paid ways to promote their content. We’ll share those with you:
• post frequently. Create a schedule and follow it — you can even create a visual plan and list of topics to cover in posts to create some content in advance. You can even post a few posts per day — this way your content will appear more frequently on the feed and gain more engagement;
• use hashtags and geo. A lot of people seek local services via hashtags. Baking classes in Ohio? #bakinginohio! Use appropriate hashtags and geotags to reach out to your target audience;
• try user-generated content. Whether you run a brand profile trying to grow a loyal audience or an influencer wanting to get some attention, cross-promotion is always a good idea to improve your engagement rates;
• post unique content. Blurred pictures or stock images won’t serve you any good, but original content will attract a lot of people — especially creative ones. Use your platform not to only get free promoters, but also to express yourself, and you’ll get popular in a day;
• use bold headings. Attract attention right from the start — every business works like that, and social media rules are not so special in that case. Grab your audience’s attention with a loud heading, post a creative picture, and people will love to engage with this post.

Looks easy, right? Now let’s dig deeper and find more reasons to try free Instagram promotion without thinking about cost per follower or service prices.

Reasons you should try free Instagram promotion

These seven reasons look solid for us — read them all:
1. Improving brand image. Your business has a face and customers decide what does it look like. Producing good content for your business profile makes you look professional and gives customers a good user experience.
2. You want to promote your Instagram profile, but do it for free. That’s fine — you don’t need to pay big costs for gaining popularity. In the industries that work mostly on visual perception — fashion, beauty — looks are sometimes more important than numbers, so quality content comes first, and numbers come right after that when people recognize a good job.
3. Reaching a bigger audience. Every business and every influencer wants it. Getting a free Instagram promotion is real — you can grow your audience in pretty simple ways.
4. Business already takes a lot from you. Your resources are important, and if you feel like you don’t have time for paid promotion or the prices are a bit high for your brand, free promotion is just what you need.
5. Conquering a new social media. In 2021, you can cross-post to and from Instagram from and to every big social media. Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter — name yours. If you’ve made it big on one of them, you’ll probably want to try to do that on Insta, and earning new promoters for free there can be a great achievement.
6. You need good reviews. There’s no place for more sincere feedback than Instagram. People there like to be honest, they don’t seek acceptance for their opinion, and so they’re free to express it. If you want to get good reviews for your business — create a row of engagement media and watch people leaving positive comments about your business.
7. Money, money, money. Social Media Marketing can’t possibly be a hobby — it’s a tedious and sometimes quite difficult job that is paid accordingly. The thing is, every user can potentially be your customer. The hardest part is to tailor them a journey from a stranger to a brand advocate, but when you do it, the results are astonishing. Growing a loyal audience and attracting new customers boosts your sales, so creating a good social media strategy is your No.1 task for the marketing department.