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Everyone with Instagram account knows that there's no better place to promote one's online persona or business. If you're an influencer, Instagram is just made to become your field of growth, providing you with a big and loyal audience. If you run a brand account, this is a great way to expand your possibilities, attract new customers and improve the feedback by establishing a closer connection with your audience.

With a good strategy and high-quality content, your IG profile can beat all the ranks and make it to the top of the niche.

Why should you choose Instagram?

So, yes, Instagram is the best place to become popular. There are more than 200 million monthly active users — a universal audience for everyone. People are looking for new content and refreshing ideas on a daily basis — provide them with it and become the best in your field of expertise. You can even profit from it! Other advantages of using Instagram to promote your business include:

  • improving your brand awareness and visibility. If you often appear on the top of users' feeds and on the "Explore" tab, even more people will acknowledge your presence and remember you as a good brand with a trusted name;
  • creating a better online image. This is exactly what social media exist for! Your brand profile is not only a source for important news and announcements but also your public image. Use it as an opportunity to improve your reputation;
  • getting more sales. Write selling posts, add powerful calls to action, and your Instagram profile will in no time provide you with leads that end up in good sales. You can convert your followers to customers with a thought-through marketing strategy and promotion tools Instagram offers.

This is also how you can look more credible — be closer to your customers. Receive their feedback, interact with them, answer their questions — this is how you make your audience highly loyal and create brand advocates.

How 200 000 views can help you promote your business?

Unlike comments or likes, views are hardly seen by other users. But it doesn't mean that this metric is unimportant. Furthermore, views are actually the main metric that describes all the attention your account receives. Without views there's no engagement and no new followers — the more people visit your posts and your profile, the better your content is ranked in users' feeds.

Views can be seen not only by you on your "Insights" page, but also by the automatic Instagram algorithm. It considers views as an activity metric, viewing it as proof of your account being relevant. The algorithm sees the activity and recommends your content to an even wider audience. This benefits you in two different ways:

  • you get more organic activity as engagement is tied to views;
  • you get more visibility and credibility, earning the trust of your target audience.

With 200 000 views, your opportunities are limitless — but only if you order a package of high-quality activity from real users and not bots (or else your account will be suspended by Instagram to stop bot activity).

Buy 200 000 views from real people fast with "Soс-Promotion"

Cheap services commonly use bots instead of real people to provide you with IG activity. That's not what we do — instead, we use views from real users only. This is how we can ensure the quality of our service.

Getting this many views is actually easy: choose the package, paste your email address to receive updates on the order, enter the username of the account you're promoting, complete the payment, and enjoy the nearly instant results.

"Soc-Promotion" values your safety — we don't collect or store your personal information. We also don't ask you for passwords and we don't have access to your credit card information. Every payment is processed through a third-party secured payment processing service.

We guarantee you a full refund in case something goes wrong with your order and it's our fault. Try our services for the best prices and enjoy the results!