Now it’s a really great time to boost your Instagram page and get more followers

Every day more than 300 millions of users worldwide use this social platform and level of engagement has grown exponentially.

Recently in order to increase Instagram followers people experimented a lot. They did different things and it was fun. As our company focused mostly on Instagram, we decided that it would be good to answer your question: “How to build an Instagram following?”

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Read this article about how to grow Instagram followers. We sure it will help you to expand your Instagram audience.

  1. You have to post on a daily basis. At least one time a day. Recent studies have shown that if you post rarely, your audience simply forget about your existence. However, if you will post too often, your followers will get annoyed to see you posts overcrowding their news feed. It’s better to post at least 1 time per day, but not more than 3 times. 2. Explore and use more hashtags. If you are wondering: “How to increase Instagram followers?”- use hashtags. Hashtags are very significant on Instagram. Plus Instagram users aren’t tired yet of hashtags. And it can be a very effective instrument for the growth of Instagram’s page popularity. You can add maximum 30 hashtags to your post and some users use this limit fully. Another question is what hashtags to use? Finding the right hashtags for your post can be a difficult task. There is one easy method that some people use. Before posting a picture, add some hashtags which you think are suitable for that post. After that find other Instagram posts for which the same hashtags were used and see what are the other hashtags people used for the same post. And add these hashtags to your post. So easy! The other method is for lazy Instagram users. You can simply downloud hashtags apps and find any hashtags you need.
  2. Don’t forget about crossposting. Crossposting is about how to grow Instagram followers and how to do it fast. Share your pictures and videos with your followers from other social media. This way the can follow your Instagram page.
  3. Keep your followers attention. Spend some time everyday to like other’s user posts, post new pictures and leave interesting comment on popular accounts. If people people will like you comments, most likely they will visit your Instagram page and even follow you.
  4. Use stories. It’s important to use everything that Instagram has to offer. You can use stories to tell them about your day and anything you want. Followers like to watch stories because it looks more natural and also it can create connection between follower and the Instagram user.
  5. Ask your followers to tag their friends. This is a smart move. You can ask your followers to tag their friends in your post, for example, you can ask them a simple question: “Who would you invite to this event?” It can be any other question, use your creativity. This will definitely help you to increase your Instagram’s followers.
  6. Use right filters to improve your Instagram page. Choosing the right filter will give you more views and more likes plus it can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of online courses and tutorial you can check. It’s also possible to find it for free. Learning how to edit your pictures will help you a lot in creating a successful Instagram account.
  7. Use video. Video is another important area on Instagram that you need to explore. You can focus your efforts on videos and it can bring you more Instagram followers. 

These methods were about how to increase Instagram followers and boost your Instagram page. We hope it will be useful for you. And after you’ll be aware how to build an Instagram following, you can make money on your Instagram account. Another good and difficult question that people always ask us if how many Instagram followers to make money? Of course, the more followers you have the money you make. But even with 500 or 1000 followers it’s possible to make money on advertisement. However, if you’re planning to have a good Instagram income, you have to have more followers. But keep in mind that you need to have real active Instagram followers. 

We hope this article was helpful and hopefully using this tips you will get more followers. Visit our website for more good advices regarding Instagram.

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2020-04-06 21:19:14

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